Teleprompter? What Teleprompter?

You know, it's a good thing none of the speakers at the Republican National Convention has used a teleprompter this week, that way all the wingnuts can continue with their reedonkulous "Barack Hussein Obama is nothing without his teleprompter" lie.
Paul Ryan, center stage and prepping for his big [teleprompter-aided] speech.
Mitt Rmoney, checks teleprompter stage-right.

Mitt Rmoney, checks teleprompter stage-left..

"Could you tilt that one a little less? It's hard to read from that angle."

Paul Ryan, double-prompted.

Paul Ryan can't even remember what his Dad told him without a teleprompter.

I don't know about you, but I learned the to recite the
Gettysburg Address by heart when I was in the fourth grade.

Ann Rmoney, using a teleprompter to recount the family history.
Apparently, Mrs. Rmoney needed a teleprompter to
remind herself who she loves and where she met him.

Boehner needed a teleprompter to tell a bunch of "...guy walks into a bar..." jokes.  

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