Reax: Paul Ryan Pick

Despite the oohs and ahhs coming from inside Washington and Tea Party circles, Paul Ryan is not a serious person. He has no real idea how to right the economy or ease the suffering of the poor or those in the lower/working/middle class. 

Know this: Paul Ryan wants to privatize Medicare, and all that needs to be said about that is to share this classic Ted Rall cartoon from back when George W. Bush was all on about privatizing Social Security:
Paul Ryan is an Ayn Rand acolyte. He's passionately dedicated to all her "Atlas Shrugged" fictitious philosophical bullshite, to the point where her books are required reading for anyone hired to work in his office. And believing in the real world merit of that junior-high sophistry qualifies him for the presidency how?  

Rest assured, there's going to be scrutiny coming down on his sophomoric policy positions like he's never seen before, and his silly [there's no better word really] budgetary ideas will be exposed for their ridiculousness over the next few months. 

So Rmoney may think that he's going to win the next couple news cycles, but following an incredibly bad few weeks that have seen President Obama leap to a 9-point lead in nationwide polls (not to mention a potential Electoral College landslide), I'd say this pick is actually going to sink Romney's already listing candidacy.

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  1. Romney will get a bump from this and then the convention, Obama will then get his convention bump. A few weeks later Romney will be defending or distancing himself from the Ryan Budget plan and Ryan will be defending or distancing himself from RomneyCare. Whichever tactic they go with the end result is that we have evidence (and votes) on what at least one member of that campaign intends to do in office so it should be pretty fun to watch Obama explain those details to the public.