Kobe Bryant: Olympic Correspondent

I’m a “fan” of only two athletes on Facebook, Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant. While Jeter’s “fan page” is almost certainly written and updated by someone else, it sure seems like Kobe handles his Facebook duties himself. Now, I know there are a lot of Kobe haters out there (and I understand why!), but I’m telling you he is absolutely killing it with his posts from the Olympic Games. 

He’s put up a steady stream of thoughtful posts about his experiences in London, from heartwarming photos with fellow [less-well-known] athletes to updates from obscure events where he's been supporting American competitors, from a picture of his uniform laid out on his bed like a 10-year-old the night before a big game to his wondering how Sergei Bubka stayed motivated enough to break his own world record 35 times, it sure seems like Kobe is making the most of this Olympic experience. 

Who knew?

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