[Un]Knowledgeable Sports Fan

Just sat next to a guy in Firestone watching the Japan-Spain Olympic soccer match -- which Japan just won 1-0 -- and his take was as follows:
"Those Spanish guys never play together. They're just an all-star team they throw together every 2 or 3 years. Now those Japanese, they can get good at anything in a hurry...skiing, volleyball, track...you know...."
Now, I don't really know diddly about soccer, but I do know Spain has won the last two Euro Cups plus the last World Cup, a record stretch that's never been done before.  So....they're pretty much the best team ever.

There you have it, racist analysis of the Japanese side (perhaps they fix watches at halftime?) combined with a complete lack of knowledge of the historical significance of Spanish soccer.

 Well done, douchebag, well done.


  1. Olympics play under 23 so this is a different Spanish team than the seniors, but still a huge upset.

  2. Thanks for clarifying. I'd only had half-an-eye on the game that night. Is it only U-23 in the Olympics or are the big boys playing too?