Today in More Stupid

Not surprisingly, the wingnuts are pissed have their panties in a bunch because the US Olympics team's uniform is topped off with...wait for it...a [freaking, goddamn] beret.

Jesus, can you say "Yurpean?" 

Sample comments from the Internets...
Mchele must of had fun designing the uniforms with RL and since she will represent us I imagine she had a fun hand with it. They just as well something really big and ugly like the hats Bella Abzug used to wear. Perhaps, having rainbow colored outfits was considered too expensive, even if it would have delighted obama's LGBT voting faction. Gotta love a metro sexual US Olympic team.......NOT. Well at least they got to save money by not needing any zippers..............seeing as the men already look castrated..... [sic in toto, ed.]

I think the berets look too UNish. They are also ambassadors for our country not mannequins for Odumbos civilian army. The Kenyan National Guard under obummer. Looks like new world order...marching for the obammie camp. Next they will be wearing Obama ears. more CHANGE..ain't it grand? [sic in toto, ed.]

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