Never Forget Santanaya's Law

What you're hearing from Republicans these days regarding the Affordable Care Act -- "it's a boondoggle!"..."it's a mandate!"..."it's a penalty!"..."it's the largest tax increase in US history!" (demonstrably not true, by the way) -- is all part and parcel of their strategy to keep the public as misinformed as possible about the law's positive impact on the American people. 

These are the exact same tactics the "conservatives" used when they were slinging shit about ending slavery in 1860s...about giving women the vote...about Social Security in the 1930s...school integration in the 1950s...the Civil Rights Act in 1964...and the Great Society legislation in 1965. These people have never wanted America to move forward. They didn't then, they don't now, and they're willing to bring the whole damn country down around them if they have to. 

When you have half a dozen southern states vowing never to comply with the law, what you're looking at is nothing short of a new Civil War.  We should have let them go the first time around.

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