Money Well Spent?

Apparently my favored professional baseball team has seen fit to pay left-handed pitcher Cole Hamels $144-million over the next six years. Ladies and gentlemen, that's $24-million a year, the second richest contract for a pitcher in baseball history (behind only CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees). Nothing against our man Cole Hamels, but is he worth it

Career record: 85-58 over seven years. That's a 14-10 average over 162 games. Career winning percentage of .594. The most wins he's ever had were 15 in 2007. With a career average of 34 starts a year, Hamels will make $706,000 every time he steps on the mound. 

With all that in mind, I'm reminded of the pitcher who had arguably the greatest single season in baseball history: Hall of Famer Steve Carlton, 1972. Lefty won 27 games that year. His team, the Philadelphia Phillies, won 54. Look it up.

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