Check out this clip as Congresswoman Mean Jean Schmidt [Lame Duck Nazi - Ohio] openly rejoices on hearing the initial -- incorrect -- reporting that the US Supreme Court had struck down the "individual mandate" portion of the Affordable Care Act.

Make no mistake about it, this woman is celebrating in her heartless belief that millions of Americans will revert to having no means of paying for health care; that the poverty stricken will once again be forced to rely on emergency rooms for their primary health care; that people with pre-existing conditions will be shit out of luck; that the Medicare donut hole will open once again as a chasm of financial ruin for the elderly; that people with lifelong illnesses will be booted off their policies once they reach the "lifetime cap."


Yes, dumb ol' Mean Jean Schmidt was celebrating a return to all those things. Thankfully, she's a mean-spirited boob who got it all backward, and Obamacare's modest fixes to each of those egregious injustices remains in place. It's the law of the land!

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