The Box Office Results Are In

Some of you may recall this post from a few days back, wherein I hypothesized that box office figures awarding films like "The Avengers" and "The Hunger Games" the title "BIGGEST OPENING WEEKEND OF ALL TIME!!!!" were skewed for failing to take into account inflation:
What they never mention in these stories is the relative price of a movie ticket. When "Star Wars" came out it cost about 5-bucks to go to the movies. When "Gone with the Wind" came out it was probably a dollar-something.
Well, thanks to some crack research by one of this crummy blog's more resourceful affiliates [h/t PBM], the results are in. See those references to "Star Wars" and "Gone with the Wind" I mentioned up there (after pulling them out of my...brain...)? Box Office Mojo shows clearly that the biggest opening weekend, by measure of number of tickets sold, is/was/remains Star Wars, and by a wide margin. When you look at the "adjusted for inflation" list, it's not even close: The biggest box office opening of all time was had by "Gone with the Wind," followed by, you guessed it, "Star Wars."

And the lesson to be learned here is? Not everything I write is complete bullshit.

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