Thunderstruck: "Got Me Shaking at the Knees"

Last night, SLO Town experienced a searing, East Coast style thunderstorm featuring lightning cracks and booming thunder that rattled the roof-tops, knocked people out of bed, set off car alarms far and wide and sent the dogs and cats diving for cover.

The first blast, which came virtually without warning, was well and truly more like one of the larger earthquakes I've ever been in than any ol' thunderstorm. That was follow by three separate, serious-as-a-heart-attack FLASH and CRACK lightning strikes. The undersides of my eyelids lit up like the noonday sun was beaming down as each incandescent bolt lit up the sky, followed just a second or two later by a ripping, heart-rending crack of thunder.

Did I mention the five minutes of hail the size of Pee Wee marbles? It was a remarkable display of the power of Mother Nature.

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