Sarah Palin on the Today Show

Sarah Palin on the Today Show this morning. Would it kill Matt Lauer to ask the woman a difficult question? He is part of the "lamestream media" that she kept slamming, after all. I was thinking, for example, that it would have been nice journalistically professional of him to challenge her on her repeated assertion that Barack Obama is a socialist. "Just throwing it out there Governor Palin but, do you actually know what Socialism really is?"

Interestingly, they clearly are filming her in soft focus to hide her late-40s flaws, the same way they did with Elizabeth Taylor and Doris Day. As an added bonus, check out her "kick 'em off and throw me down" stripper pumps at :33 of the vid! The girl's got some panache, that's fer sher. I'll bet Todd helped pick those out...

"Like listening to a squawking parrot with a limited vocabulary."

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