Legal Wrangling

With regard to the courtroom proceeding facing George Zimmerman, I have thought all along that the case was clearly not one that called for a Murder 1 indictment, and even Murder 2 might be a stretch to get a conviction. I would say, from what we know so far (which may or may not be very much at all!), self-defense is out and Zimmerman is guilty of at least negligent homicide or voluntary manslaughter (or whatever the stiffest charge short of murder is).

A Murder 2 case will surely have to take into account the 911 operator telling GZ to stop pursuing the kid victim and wait by the truck for the PD to arrive, two things George Zimmerman clearly did not do.

Mostly I'm glad he's been charged and the case will be decided in a court of law rather than the court of public opinion. He should be glad too, the way things were going.

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