Seven Dirty Words

Been watching that show "Rescue Me" on the Netflix and I'm surprised at how raw the program is for basic cable (its first run was on FX). Interestingly, they will use pretty much every curse word and anatomical description you can imagine -- including at least four of George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words -- but never once have they used the "F-word." "S-word," yes; "C-word" for men, yes; "F-word" for gays, yes; "BJ-word" for sex act, yes. They had a whole scene where the guys in the firehouse try to come up with a new "C-word" for women -- without ever saying it -- because the new girl on the team was offended by the word "twat." Just interesting that it appears the "F-word" remains too hot to handle.

Here's a classic scene where the crew of Truck 62 attends a sensitivity training class...

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