Racist Bandwagoners Loading Up

Now that the conservative blogosphere has decided to start pushing the "Trayvon Martin was a thug" angle, get ready for FOX News to start piling on.

The nation's #1 propaganda outlet barely mentioned the Trayvon Martin case after it initially splashed across the headlines -- save for Gerald Rivers' claim that "the hoodie was to blame" for the boy's death -- but now that they've got a good racist, fear-mongering angle they can sink their teeth into, it won't be long 'til Hannity and O'Reilly are breathlessly blathering on about LOOKATTHESEPICTURESFROMTRAYVONMARTIN'SFACEBOOK PAGE!!!!! and LOOKATTHESEPOSTSFROMTRAYVONMARTIN'S TWITTERACCCOUNT!!!!, giving cover to every racist asshole you know to speculate the the kid had it coming and George Zimmerman is the real victim here.

So it goes.

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