"I Spent Most of My Money on Whiskey and Women. The Rest I Just Wasted."

Ever notice how many athletes start out with "agents," but end up with "attorneys?" How long did ex-Mrs. Rodman #3 really think The Worm was going to be able to keep paying $9,500 a month in spousal and child support? Shouldn't these guys be permitted to renegotiate with their baby mamas/gold-diggers once their earning power dries up at the ripe old age of ~40? I guess the marriage to Carmen Electra is probably actually working out as a financial plus for Rodman, since she's still making her own money and was presumably never looking to fleece him for anything more than a few kicks, a good time and tons of free publicity.

I remember once we ran into Dennis Rodman at a
strip bar in Vegas business establishment staffed with naked dancing girls women providing elaborately choreographed entertainment and he was throwing around hundred-dollar bills like they were Monopoly money. He had a couple of guys with him that seemed to be running interference. At first we thought they were just assholes, but they turned out to be bodyguards.

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