See Sue Run.

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  1. Typical liberal propaganda. Equating the ever growing welfare class with people that work hard all their lives paying their taxes and paying into Social Security so they can eventually get a little something back for all they've paid in.

    We're at the point in this county where barely over 50% of the people pay income taxes. And the 50% of America that don't pay income taxes, led by Community Activist and President Barrack Obama, are the ones complaining the rich don't pay enough income taxes.

    It's time to stop punishing the successful and productive people in America so you can reward all the people that don't want to work.

  2. That argument that 50% of all Americans pay no income taxes is specious and wrong. It's a flat falsehood and a red herring.

    The wage earners in America, and by that I mean the people who work at unappreciated, "unimportant" jobs and earn anywhere from zero to $25,000, $35,000... whatever... a year, pay Social Security taxes and FICA taxes and Medicare taxes (all deducted directly from their paychecks, conveniently enough), not to mention state and local sales taxes and property taxes and business taxes and other "fees." For you to claim they don't pay taxes is simply false and incorrect and, quite frankly, insulting to the working people of America.