Evil Cowards Run the Komen Foundation

As details emerge in the back-story behind the Komen Foundation's PR disaster (and I remain deeply cynical about the group's "apology" and "policy reversal" announced yesterday), we learn that Komen big-wigs knew they were going to face a backlash and tried to go under the radar in cutting off Planned Parenthood...
There had been early signs that Komen executives realized their new stance toward Planned Parenthood could result in a public backlash.

The headquarters made no announcement of its decision late last year to change its funding rules. It relied on its local affiliates to inform the Planned Parenthood chapters they funded that its grant-making criteria had changed.

Over the last few weeks, officials at Planned Parenthood's New York City headquarters received word from multiple affiliates that their Komen grants would not be renewed. At that point, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, sought a meeting with Komen officials but was rebuffed, said spokeswoman Shawn Rhea.

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