Undercutting the Unemployed

One of the more pernicious items in the recent news was word that many businesses are screening out the long-term unemployed as potential hires, a development which can only add to those unfortunate souls' misery and exacerbate the nation's economic woes. This week in California, legislators have introduced a bill that would outlaw such "red-lining." Naturally, the hyenas on the Right find even that sort of legal protection of the disadvantaged to be distasteful, as seen in the comment thread following this article.

It's unsurprising really, that the very same heartless demagogues who castigate the unemployed as lazy bums are criticizing legislation that seeks to level the playing field for those seeking work who have been out of work for an extended period. Just goes to show, there really is no effort aimed at helping the disadvantaged that you jackals won't oppose.

I thought booing gay veterans, cheering for the death of illegal immigrants and rooting for the repeal of child labor laws was the bottom of the barrel. Here's the thing about that barrel (the one holding conservative bitterness and self-righteous indignation): there is no bottom.

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