[Not So] Strange Bedfellows

Remember back in 2003, before the start of the Iraq War, when there was a picture circulating that showed Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein? The point, clearly, was to note the irony of the Bush administration's bellicose fervor for taking out an erstwhile ally...but at least that pic of Rummy and Saddam was nearly 20-years-old when it resurfaced.

The three foolish BFFs above had a friendly meeting with Moammar Qaddafi a scant two years ago, in August of 2009. At that meeting, Droopy Dog, Walnuts McCain and Huckleberry Graham could not sing the praises the erstwhile terrorist loud enough. McCain even promised to help the Libyan madman to secure more weaponry.

Here's the video...

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