Bloated Government Governor

I think if we are going to trim the fat from our bloated government, a good place to start would be at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's waistline. This argumentative, repugnant, disrespectful douchebag (to use a New Jersey term) is the same tuff guy who's always talking down to his constituents like a big bully and preaching to others about belt tightening and personal responsibility.

Take a good look at him. He's got bigger boobs than his wife. His waistline is longer than his inseam. He's a fat tub of goo. Jabba the Hut once advised him to "mix in a salad." If his look of disdain were any more pronounced his face might just slide right down off his head onto his shelf-like belly. The only reason he hasn't dunlopped is because he wears his pants up around his armpits. It appears his personal responsibility ends right about at his ridiculously high belt line.

Really? No, really?


  1. Is there any actual argument in this post, or just name calling and ad-hominem attacks that in no way address the issue of excessive government spending?