News from the Mud Pit

A recent issue of New Times SLO featured the "Best of SLO." Among the categories was "Best Restaurant in..."

There was The Custom House in Avila Beach, Novo in San Luis Obispo, Robin's in Cambria and Hoppe's in Cayucos. There was AJ Spurs in Grover Beach and Jocko's in Nipomo, Old Jan's Cantina in Oceano and Artisan up in Paso Robles.

Atascadero made the list as well, of course. Hilariously, though perhaps accurately, the Best Restaurant in Atascadero is...wait for it...In-N-Out Burger. The second best restaurant in the city named for a mud pit is Sylvester's Burgers (home of the 5-pound burger-eating contest). Now, I have nothing against burgers, don't get me wrong, but every single other city or town laid claim to an eatery of some culinary excellence and reputation. Atascadero has burger joints. There's still an A-&-W Root Beer restaurant in A-Town, and a Taste-E-Freeze. The Cool-Cat Cafe is like Mel's Diner in Happy Days. And Jack has a Box there too. About the only burger restaurant Atascadero doesn't have is a McDonald's, which probably explains In-N-Out's win.

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  1. I look forward to this list coming out every year and got a laugh out of In-and-Out being chosen as best restaurant in Atascadero. I was thrilled to see Robins in Cambria win and NOVO in San Luis Obispo as they are my two favorite restaurants on the central coast. I have dreams about eating their salmon bisque.