Mick Collins and The Dirtbombs

Here you go, read about a real live long-time underground rock band fronted by a total musical genius and rock legend with whom I've partied to some extent...
"Detroit is the city that gave us Motown and the Stooges, Bob Seger and Strings Of Life, black funk bands mainlining psychedelic rock (Funkadelic), white rock bands spouting radical black politics (MC5), black proto-punks (Death) and the world's biggest white rapper (Eminem). Against this backdrop of dynamic musical miscegenation, it was inevitable that Detroit would eventually throw out someone like Mick Collins: a black ex-mod with an Irish name, fronting a soul-infused garage rock band – the Dirtbombs."
If you like The Dirtbombs, you'll love the Gories. If you love The Gories, you'll [what's more than love] Blacktop.

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