Kareem is Lacking in the Social Graces

Coming on the heels of his criticism of the LA Lakers for giving Magic Johnson, Chick Hearn and Jerry West their own statues before him, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has lodged his foot firmly into his mouth yet again, this time chastising Scottie Pippen for having the temerity to compare LeBron James to Michael Jordan.

The funny, odd, and totally transparent subtext of this latest controversy is that, in defending Wilt Chamberlain (whom Kareem could not have hated more nor criticized with greater vitriol during their playing days), Abdul-Jabbar is clearly propping up a player he considers his inferior as a back-door means of burnishing his own pedigree. Two words can describe Kareem's newfound appreciation for Wilt Chamberlain: lame and awwwwkward.

The Big Fella would probably better serve his own legacy, and his prospects for future employment in the NBA -- not to mention ever seeing a statue outside Staples Center -- by just keeping his Big Mouth shut.

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