Blogger Apathy

You may have noticed a decided lack of recent posting. I blame this dearth of interest on two people in particular: Anthony Weiner and John Edwards. I backed both of these men. They inspired me, at one time. Turns out they are both complete douchebags. They each suck in their own way. So I'm taking a break from this bullshit.

On a lighter note, I organized a counter-protest outside Planned Parenthood today and totally jacked up the haters' plans. Completely successful culture jamming, if I do say so myself. I'll tell you the whole story one day soon. In the meantime, if you can manage it...stay faithful to your man or woman, keep your fucking junk in your pants and flip the finger to any Bible-thumpin' anti-choice protesters you might encounter giving people shit on the sidewalk. They deserve it for letting Gawd convince them to exacerbate other peoples' misery.

Thank you.

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