Palm Trees in Wisconsin? Only on FOX.

In case you missed it, the folks over at FOX News got their panties all in a wad over the weekend after protesters in Madison, Wisconsin, had the temerity to {gasp!} shout down FOX reporter Mike Tobin while he was doing a stand-up broadcasting anti-union propaganda on the grounds of the state capitol.

First of all, it's hilarious to me that FOX would think they can just walk in amongst the very people their [not so] journalistic operation is actively lobbying against and then act surprised when those people object to their presence. Hello? FOX? This is the blow-back when you face actual, informed people who are on to your line of bullshit. Get used to it.

Second, get a load (below) of their solution to this predicament. On O'Reilly last night, Tobin can be seen reporting from an interior location somewhere. It's presumably at the capitol, presumably in Wisconsin. (The Daily Show has been known to use green screens though, so why not FOX?) Anyhoo, if you check out the b-roll they are running to show all the violent, angry protesters who have been harassing and berating Tobin for days on end, you'll note a couple of things not often seen this time of year in Madison, Wisconsin: palm trees and snowless ground!

Epic location fail!

[h/t Hullabaloo]

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