Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Bupkus

Witness a FOX News discussion about a recent proposal to turn Unemployment Insurance into a loan.

First thing, I love the balance on the panel: four conservatives -- plus the FOX host -- and one "liberal."

Second, yes that's the Wayne Rogers, Trapper John from M*A*S*H, who has parlayed his fame on a 30-year-old TV show -- which he left too soon and was never heard from in Hollywood again -- into conservative asshole-dom. Good ol' Trapper opines that making unemployment benefits a loan would be wrong, but not for the reason you'd think. If we made UI benefits a loan, you see, people simply wouldn't pay them back (much like student loans) and that's just wrong.

Third, I love how another member of the panel states, emphatically and repeatedly, that he believes there should be no unemployment benefit program at all. Period. End of Story. He never mentions or acknowledges that the reason all these people are "sitting around [on their asses]" for 99 weeks or more is because there are no jobs.

Fourth, at 5:15 of the clip, the crawl along the bottom of the screen notes, "DOW JONES 9.4% THIS YEAR; NASDAQ UP 16.2% THIS YEAR; S&P 500 UP 11.2% THIS YEAR," and doesn't that dichotomy just about say it all regarding the Haves and the Have-nots in this economy?

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