"The Office"

Sitting in a brief meeting this morning with the boss. We're reviewing some detailed financial statements when she says, “I’ve gotta go get some food. I just dying here. Do you mind? I’ve got a snack at my desk. I’ll be back in a sec.” I say, “Sure.”

So there I am, sitting in a tiny, windowless meeting room (about the size of one of those police interrogation rooms you see on 48 Hours), waiting. Her desk is only about 20 feet away. A little time goes by, maybe 2 minutes, and I get the feeling something ain't right. Another minute or so and I start wondering, “WTF?" How long am I supposed to wait here?

I’m not sure of the protocol. I’ve got work to do, but she did say she’d be right back. Another minute. Now I'm really wasting time.

Can’t take it anymore so I go peek over in her office and she’s sitting there reading her emails without a care in the world.

Welcome to "The Office."

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