Big Dog in Da House

If you saw last week's White House press conference, you may have noticed that President Obama brought in Bill Clinton to help sell America on his tax cut deal with the Republicans. At one point, a reporter asked "the Big Dog" if he could share what advice he had offered to the current occupant of the White House. Clinton deferentially declined to reveal any details of their discussion, saying it was up to Obama if he wanted to disclose what the two men had talked about.

All eyes shifted to Obama, who glanced at his watch, said he'd "already been keeping the First Lady waiting for 30 minutes," and turned and left the room "in the capable hands of President Clinton." Then Bill got really comfortable, clearly relishing the spotlight, leaning with both elbows on the podium and fielding questions for another half-hour. It was a fascinating thing to see, a full ten years after his departure it was like Bill Clinton had never left.

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