Actual Filibuster Underway

It's been quite a while since we've seen an actual filibuster going on in the United States Senate (as opposed to a bogus "cloture vote" hijacking) -- but Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is doing just that today in opposition to the recent Obama/GOP deal that extends the "Bush tax cuts" for another two years.

Look at him go right here.

Leave it to a dirty effing Socialist to stand up for the middle class.

CORRECTION: Turns out Sanders' rant wasn't an actual filibuster (as there was no pending vote being blocked), but anytime as proudly self-identified socialist firebrand commandeers the floor of the Senate for 6-plus 8-&-1/2 hours to lecture his clueless colleagues and educate the nation on the injustices of our fucked up economy, I'll mark it down as a good day.

FOX News will paint him as a lunatic.

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