Voter Fraud

New controversy on the Palin front, with strong allegations that Bristol Palin is blowing up the voting on "Dancing with the Stars" through the coordinated efforts of teabaggers and Palinistas around the globe. That may or may not be true, but you just have to get a load of this remarkable Facebook thread tagged yesterday on Wonkette.

Long story short, some guy named "Tre," who apparently lives in Wasilla, AK, posted the simple observation that "Sarah Palin's Alaska is failing soo hard right now."

Errr...wrong move Tre. It didn't take long for the Palin sisters (Willow and Bristol), along with a whole host of other poorly-educated, marginallybarely-sober Alaskan do-nothing meth-heads to hijack the dood's FB page for an epic flamewar, replete with bad grammar, poor spelling and punctuation, accusations of more than a little teen sex and vile, racist, homophobic slurs. While the vitriol of the FB thread is funny enough -- in a "weep for the future of America" way -- the comments on Wonkette are absolutely hilarious. Be sure to give those a looksee.

[And ask yourself, could you imagine the hue and cry in conservative circles if the Obama daughters were ever exposed in this way?] I'm guessing what we've witnessed here is a part of daily life in the Palin household, you betcha.

Those girls are total bitches. Also.

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