Tax Cuts and Small Businesses

The Republicans continue to insist that extending the tax cuts -- even for the most wealthy Americans -- is essential to creating jobs and righting the economy, but haven't we lived the last 10 years -- watching the economy circle the drain and tens of millions of jobs disappear -- under this very tax structure? Nobody can explain how continuing the policy will actually help. The phrase "tax cuts" is nothing more than a vacuous Republican mantra.

Conservative talker Stephen Colbert recently interviewed a woman named Beri Fox. She's president of Marble King, the last "Made-in-the-USA" marble manufacturer in America. Colbert asked Fox if she thought extending the Bush tax cuts would be good for small business. She said "No!" and emphatically so.

Proving once again that Comedy Central offers more in-depth discussion of real issues facing real Americans than any so-called "real news" source, they also talked about free trade, import tariffs, Obama's health care reforms and all the mischievous things kids can do with marbles....

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America's Job Loss - Beri Fox
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