Reality-based Reporting

Reading news like this just makes me believe even more that Republicans would rather win some ideological war than see the country move forward. Facts are stubborn things, but it's undeniable that President Obama's policies appear to be pulling Wall Street out of its doldrums. [Main Street is a different matter.]
Investors around the world say President Barack Obama is bad for the bottom line, even though U.S. corporations are on track for the biggest earnings growth in 22 years and the stock market is headed for its best back-to- back annual gains since 2004.

Pessimism about the impact of Obama’s policies on the investment climate is common to respondents everywhere, the latest Bloomberg Global Poll shows. At the same time, those outside the U.S. have favorable views of the president himself, while U.S. investors overwhelmingly have an unfavorable view, according to the quarterly poll of Bloomberg subscribers who are investors, analysts or traders conducted Nov. 8.

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