Post Mortem

The results of this election -- local, state and federal -- have been rolling around in my head most of the day, and all I can say is...I've never been prouder to say I'm from California. Thank God for the Golden State, where voters soundly rejected the Teabagger bullshit by handing the reins over to the Democrats (warts and all). Whether that move actually accomplishes anything or not hardly matters at this point, because Republicans around here are pissed (and that alone offers a good deal of smug satisfaction).

The wingnuts woke up wanting to revel in the GOP's nationwide smack-down, but they have to live with the realization they still reside in the Land of Fruits and Nuts. Yeah, Jerry Brown is Governor of California again, and Barbara Boxer is still my our Senator. And the Mayor of San Franfuckingcisco is now the Lieutenant Governor bitches!! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


  1. The wingnuttiest response i've noticed among my Repub family and friends is the notion that controlling the House somehow means more than having control of the Whitehouse and Senate. They are very stoked on their "mandate". I don't understand the math.

  2. I believe the logic is "the House controls the purse strings," so they think they can just defund all the legislation Obama got passed over the past two years. But the real thorn in his side will be the bogus investigations of tempests in teapots: New Black Panther Party; ACORN; looking into how gov't regulation caused the BP Oil spill; et al. ad nauseum.