Local Results: SLO

Lois Capps won another term in CA's 23rd House District with a 55%-41% victory over Republican Tom Watson (her closest race in years). Watson, interestingly enough, was a smaller government Republican who made his money off government contracts and secured one of his most lucrative deals through the personal intervention of his congresswoman...Lois Capps.

Katcho Achadjian was a big winner in his contest with Hilda Zacarias, 57%-38.5%

Ian Parkinson is the new sheriff in town.

Jan Marx leads Paul Brown by just 204 votes in the battle for Mayor of SLO (5166-4962 in the raw vote). Expect a recount.

Andrew Carter and Kathy Smith won seats on the SLO City Council. Andrea Miller was 4th in her first run for office with 10.65% of the vote.

And...last but not least: Measure H was defeated by a resounding 80.4%-to-19.6%, a 61% margin of victory. Prado Road is going through! Prado Road is going through!

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