Early Money?

What's the over/under on "time of day" for the first Black Friday stampede? And at which red state Wal-Mart will we hear of the first fatal stomping in pursuit of a $29 DVD player?

UPDATE: WINNER! A quick Google search this morning tells us that Orange County CA's Los Cerritos Shopping Mall was put on semi-lockdown at 2:20am today after a fight broke out "in a food court during a 'Midnight Madness' shopping event."

America...so freaking predictable.

UPDATE #2: Wigging out in Sconny...
A 21-year-old Middleton woman was arrested Thursday night when she threatened other shoppers while waiting in line at the Toys R Us store, 7309 West Towne Way, which opened for Black Friday shopping at 10 p.m., Madison police reported.

Several hundred shoppers were in line just after 10 p.m., when the woman attempted to move to the front of the line, police said. When she was confronted by other shoppers, she made threats to retrieve a gun and shoot the shoppers.

No gun was found, and the woman, who was not named, was arrested and taken to the

Dane County Jail on a tentative charge of disorderly conduct.

"She's now spending her shopping money to post bond," said Madison Police Sgt. Erik Fuhremann.
Hah! The cop makes a funny!

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