Dickensian Proposals

This "proposal" by Obama's blue-ribbon Deficit Reduction Commission (aka the Cat Food Commission, because if its advice is heeded people will end up eating cat food) is too draconian to be believed. The list of recommendations includes an increase in the retirement age, a decrease in annual Social Security cost of living adjustments, implementation of co-pays for VA health care, the elimination of the mortgage interest tax deduction, the elimination of funding for PBS and a reduction in dollars for NASA, implementation of admissions fees at the Smithsonian museums, the elimination of 200,000 federal jobs, and a 2% tax cut for most wage earners, plus...wait for it...a 12% tax cut for the highest income bracket and a 9% corporate tax cut.


Mind you these recommendations come from a panel commissioned by a Democratic president! I'm not sure I've ever seen a more stark example of just how detached the party is from its principles. Didn't the Dems just get their assess handed to them on November 2nd? This is no way to win back the base. Next thing you know they'll be calling for debtors' prisons and slave labor...and contracting out for Soylent Green to feed the hungry.

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