Economic Realities, Wingnut Hate

Here's a simple human interest story in the local newspaper on the struggles of the working poor during these tough economic times...
Rudy Cerda is not sure yet what he’s going to do Nov. 1.

The single father of three depends on child care funding from CalWORKs, the state’s welfare-to-work program, to pay for after-school programs and day care so he can keep working.
The comments that follow this article are too much to be believed. 22 pages of heartless, ignorant criticism by cowardly, anonymous losers. A lady named Regina made the mistake of posting the story of her personal struggles, under her own name, in the comments. She gets flamed right along with the people in the article.

Here's just a taste of the vitriol:

Solomon: "Where is the father? Texas has a program to find fathers and gar. their salaries. Once again both parents should be contributing to the child care. If you were not married, why were you not using birth control. Randomly procreating children without a family is irresponsible to the child. The child deserves better than a parent who practices unprotected sex, and also a father who does not support his child. Again, irresponsible behavior leaves children with no future. Further, it leave the community with funding your irresponsible behavior."

Regina: "there is a father.....as a family we do not make enough, we are low income. Please do not lecture me. Do not lecture someone who has polite respectful children, i can go on and on but why bother online. Im 31 years old not a teenager!"

Hardpan: "How is being dependent on a social program "back on your feet"?

You made the choice to bring your daughter into this world, right? Why should others have to pay for it?"

danika62: "Who is paying for your children's "activities"???? Take that money and buy FOOD."

danika 62: "You brought children into this world without the ability to financially support them. YOUR choice, not taxpayers. That makes you irresponsible."

califboy: "He should have had a vasectomy when he realized he could not afford the child he had at that time."

Regina: "I work full time 40 hrs a week.... this is all after work and on weekend, im a mother...isnt a mother supposed to help out with their children when they are involved in activities such as girl scouts and 4H, and school...really? Who is a mother and does not do that? And I go to school at nite! I only wish I could afford to stay home but thats not a reality and Im fully aware of that and i know I have to work and dad also helps financially! I just dont get paid enough, thats my only problem, im not on welfare, nor do I want it, no one can live on $694.00 a month. [emphasis added, ed.]

Hardpan: "Kansas is a pretty cheep place to live"

Here's my post on the matter...

Hornet: "Everyone here criticizing Regina -- who posted her own name, you cowardly, anonymous jackals -- should get down on his or her knees right now and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the Sky that you have not suffered the same hardships as Regina and the people in these stories. In fact, it's my fevent wish that you evil haters do suffer, and humiliatingly so, and soon, and are made to feel the wrath of those who simply do not understand what it is to struggle...every...single...day...to provide for your kids and give them life of happiness and security. My hat is off to you Regina."

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