Adventures in Public Service

Just finished talking with a guy who had a pronounced stutter and was trying to hold down two separate phone conversations at one time. At first I thought I was just waiting for him to get through a rough patch in a sentence, but then he said "Sorry. I'm t-t-talking to someone else on the other l-l-line."

ME: "How 'bout if we just have one conversation at a time?"
HIM: "What? I...didn't hear...you, I was t-t-talking to...someone else."
ME: "I said, how 'bout if we have one conversation at a time?"
HIM: "Okay. Hold on. [talks to other person for a minute or two.] Okay, I'm back... Oh wait...hold on."
ME: "You know I get paid by the hour by the taxpayers, right?"
HIM: "Yeah, about that. I want my t-t-taxes...lowered!!" [talks to person on other line.]
ME: "Maybe you should call back when you're not so busy."
HIM: "No, I'm...with you now."
ME: "You called me!!"
HIM: "I k-k-know. Sorry."
ME: "Okay, here's the deal with your taxes...."


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