Too Absurd to Believe....

...but nothing should surprise anyone in this day and age.
"And he poured it into wine or brandy glass after which taking a sip, he pushed it to my lips as he cornered me with a big, seduction smile. I don't drink. I'm allergic to alcohol. I did enough in college anyway (laughs). I pushed it away, saying, I do not drink liquor 'cause of allergies. And he insisted, saying come on, just taste it and pushed it into my lips again whereby I ended up sipping some. Um, he then forced an open mouth kiss on me who was cornered by him, sticking his tongue into my mouth to French kiss me. l pushed back and said, Stop it, stop it."
After reading that quote, I'm guessing Al Gore is not the first person who comes to mind, but that's just who the big lummox is, if we're to believe explosive new sexual assault charges alleged by an Oregon massage therapist.

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