None of the Above

You have to wonder what kind of mental illness would actually make someone want to be the governor of this state.

Steve Poizner, one of those of questionable sanity seeking the Republican nomination, certainly raises a good point here:
"When people really sit down to fill out their ballots or go into the election booth, I think they're going to be disturbed by the fact [Meg Whitman] hasn't voted for 28 years straight, and then all of a sudden she spends $90 million, four times more than anyone's ever spent ever in the history of Republican primaries in gubernatorial politics — four times more than me."

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  1. I think it speaks VOLUMES about the state when you consider that the current governor did the job for free and still had lots of detractors complaining about him.

    To answer your question about the mental illness part, I thought the same way about our last presidential election, and look how well that term has turned out so far! I think anybody who wants a career in politics at this point, at any level, is crazy.