"BP Company Man"

Watched a bit of the C-SPAN coverage of the official hearings into the Deepwater Horizon oil well disaster and I was particularly struck by the testimony of Christopher Pleasant, Transunion's "subsea supervisor" on the doomed rig, who repeatedly described one of the men on the bridge as "the BP company man." He wasn't using the term in a complimentary manner, and he made it clear "the BP company man" was issuing orders that conflicted directly with those of the Transocean captain. Pleasant was one of those who escaped by lifeboat, and his compelling testimony was like that of someone who lived through what we might only see in a disaster movie. [To be clear, the photo is of Christopher Pleasant, he does not work for BP.]


  1. Did you happen to catch the 60 minutes interview with Mike Williams, one of the survivors of the disaster? I don't know how the BP dudes can sleep at night.

  2. I did see that. I remembering thinking at the time, "Someone will make a movie out of this." Bruce Willis (perhaps a bit old at this point) will play Williams. Awesome description of jumping off the rig.